Cast from the skull and lower mandible of a canary, this unusual necklace is as beautiful as it is unique.

Hand finished and soldered together in our Los Angeles Studio, we’ve added articulation to this beautiful piece, so that the jaw moves up and down as your wearing it.

Hanging from a short chain, this piece is the perfect accessory for men and women.

This piece comes in sterling silver or sterling silver plated in black gold, with a sterling silver chain.


Please note that while we spare no expense in regards to plated items, the plating will eventually wear off.  In the case of black gold (Ruthenium)our platers are required to first plate in yellow gold before they plate in the black. This means that as your jewellery wears down, you’ll find it will look yellow before it goes silver. We like that! But if you’re uncertain, please feel free to get in touch and we can arrange to make your order in solid gold should you desire (not inc black unfortunately!). Added expenses will apply.

PLEASE NOTE: There can be a delay of up to 2 weeks in sending off your necklace due to the fact that each one is made and plated individually to order.

$250.00 — $300.00

Sizes & Metal